Areas of Operations

The main objective of PivNet 2 is the establishment of direct information exchange between end users in industry and PIV developers in universities and research institutes in order that the end users will obtain a clear picture of the state-of-the-art of the PIV technique and the developer will receive knowledge about problems in industry to be solved with PIV. For that purpose cooperation within the network is organized in 6 workpackages.

Workpackage 1 serves the needs of all coordination activities and general networking. Based on the knowledge of the partners, a knowledge base will be established and made available via internet. Each partner will act as gateway into and out of PivNet with his special main area of interest (PIV development, application, end-user interest, link to other GROWTH projects and networks, link to areas of industrial research, link to national or international organizations) in order to disseminate and collect information as quickly as possible.

Workshops and presentations of the PIV technique in special test facilities and for complex applications are performed in workpackages 2 and 3.

Working groups on PIV evaluation for industrial needs including recommendations for best practice or best solution, standardization of PIV equipment and quality assessment is organized within workpackage 4.

Workpackage 5 deals with new applications of the PIV technique either in specialized fields of aeronautics or outside aeronautics, and interaction with SME's by offering training and consulting by PIV experts.

In workpackage 6 the networking activities mainly with university partners and industrials outside aeronautics in Europe, not being member of PivNet 2, are organized as ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group, but also international contacts will be followed with researchers from the US and Japan.

PivNet's main outputs comprise the operation of a European wide knowledge base on PIV development and application in different areas of industrial interest accessible by internet, the organization of presentations and workshops for industrial end users, the formation of working groups on standards and quality assessment of the PIV technique for use in industry and the stimulation of the interest in PIV for SMEs and to applications outside aeronautics.

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